Where All Things Muswell Hill Matter

Thanks for stopping by Muswellites, social business community group that promotes and supports all that adds to the unique character and quality of life in Muswell Hill for everyone who lives and works here.

Our New Event: MidSummer Muswell is planned for 20th of June 2015 2pm-8pm. It will act as a fundraiser for WAVE, with 100% of the profit raised supporting this fantastic charity.











Our song, specially composed for our MidSummerMuswell by BonaFideStudio:

By building bridges we are hoping to improve our community, celebrate our diversity, encourage shopping local while promoting the rich history of Muswell Hill.


Muswellites In The News, Name Our New Village Square: We are running a competition in the Muswell Flyer, Highgate Handbook and Crouch End Connection to encourage the locals to come up with a name for the new community space so that we can dedicate it on the day. We think that our new square will become a recognisable landmark, where people can meet to enjoy local events, community celebrations or simply a get-together. Get involved!

With your support we can keep developing a shared sense of identity and community pride: 
If you know about any initiatives that could benefit our area, residents and local business, please get in touch.

7 thoughts on “Where All Things Muswell Hill Matter

  1. Rebecca says:

    The space should be called Hillbilly Parade. With reference to the local Kinks history and their brilliant track ‘The Muswell Hillbillies’.
    I can just hear people saying ” meet you up at Hillbillies “….


  2. Tatiana Dias says:

    Suggestion from my son Daniel, 7, for the square’s name: simply St James’s Square, as the main landmark opposite is St James’s Church.


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